Cyberdeck Build

The Basis of the Cyberdeck Build in Mind

Started off seeing this 1980 Hitachi K-1100 5" B&W portable TV on ebay. To me it just screams needing some cyberpunk treatment.

First thing to do decide if I'm keeping the B&W CRT. While the the TV does work its faint. If it was a color screen I might go through the process of fixing it but since its B&W I decided to gut the whole thing and just use the shell.


Not having much luck finding a 4:3 LCD screen that would fix in the opening I decided to use. Waveshare 5.5" amoled screen. At first was going to mount it where the CRT was behind the bezel and even started designing a 3d print to hold it and make it look nice. Then while I was fitting something I decided to hold the screen up to the front and was shocked to find it fit very well width-wise. So now I have to decide where to put it. Might design a 3d print for both options and decide at that point when I can see it without gaps. I also want to add another display that folds up along the side of the case and this would be a 10" ipad 3 screen I have laying around not doing much. It would fit nicely folded up and would be big enough to use but its phase 2 of the build.


The easy choice is Raspberry Pi 4 and I would have no issues fitting it in the case and giving it a lot of battery power. But then I remembers I had an old PC that was small and might fix. Right now I'm planning on a ITX motherboard and an Intel i7-6700K with a 1070ti graphics card so it can actually play games.


Found a Bluetooth folding keyboard that fit the looks and designed mounts that can us the TV shell screw holes. So the keyboard folds up and then an fold up along the case itself. Seeing that I have tuning knobs to replace or glue into place. I decided to remove them and put in USB sockets in their place.

The Case


What do you think Inside our Outside?


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Creating this now just to keep credits needed for artwork I'm creating to make this look more Cyberpunk




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